In this highly competitive business environment we live in today, Companies are always looking for any edge to increase profits, technological advancements, funding, and an area often over looked, quality employee recruitment. Cloud 9 Limousine and Transportation with over 30 years of experience has continued to grow not only its fleet but its place as a Corporate Leader when it comes to providing innovative ideas for companies and their Employee Shuttle Programs.


The Employee Shuttle Program allows companies to use this service as a valuable resource for recruitment and at the same time employees understand that their company has taken a vested pro-active interest in their community, environment, commute and safety. This comes with the added benefit of maximizing employee productivity during their commute time. As a byproduct of this benefit, we have found that this also gives your employees the opportunity to create a networking community, in essence, a think tank environment. This also can add an increase of interaction amongst various departments within your company that share their ideas during their commute time together. This will also give your company the ability to create an area of employee retention that can allow you to develop key members towards long term growth into upper management and other areas of advancement.

Another major benefit to your company through an Employee Shuttle Program is that it gives you added environmental integrity within your business community. Your company has the ability to market itself as an environmentally conscious and pro-active community leader. You are doing so on a global level by decreasing emission pollution which cuts down on global warming and on a local level you are actively addressing vehicle congestion and reducing the vehicles that would require the possibility of additional parking facilities in your area and allowing those funds to be allocated towards areas of community improvement.

  • Extra 1+ hours of productive work from your employees
  • Employees arrive to work not stressed out from driving in traffic
  • Keeps employees very happy – a great perk to attain and recruit top talent
  • Improves employee retention
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Reduces your company’s carbon footprint
  • Relax and get work done while someone else is driving and dealing with the rush hour
  • Enjoy luxurious interiors and Wi-Fi connectivity, making your commute a convenient time to charge up your phone, do work, catch up on email, etc.
  • Time saver; you get the chance to get caught up on the latest events without getting interrupted, riding in comfort and style
  • Most employers pick up a part or all of the cost

Aside from these benefits, Cloud 9 Employee Shuttle services utilize a fleet of eco-friendly, luxury vehicles, allowing employees to enjoy their commute to work in safe, reliable, and luxurious vehicles.  Wi-Fi, USB ports, Satellite TV, Bike Racks and GPS real time tracking  can also be added to your employee shuttle program.

Some Bay Area Companies that have seen the benefit of introducing Employee Shuttle Programs are.

  • Verizon
  • Google
  • EBay
  • Yahoo
  • Symantec

Call 1-800-591-9499 or fill out the RFP form today to inquire about how Cloud 9 can add your company name to the growing list of companies who have benefited by introducing their company to the Employee Shuttle Program.


Thank you Cloud 9 for your great customer service, professional chauffeurs and well maintained luxury land yachts. I booked transportation for an event for my company. Transporting 40 passengers to and from an event. I received confirmations from the office staff fairly quick. I also received a courtesy email with the chauffeurs names and contact


Awesome time in your 24 passenger Escalade!  The chauffeur was very professional and new every winery we requested without asking us for directions.  Thanks again for the great service and the competitive rate.  I’ll be calling again, Thanks Cloud 9!


Great Limousine Service. I’ve used many limousine companies around the US and cloud 9 limo is top notch. Had a fantastic chauffeur and well maintained vehicle. Thanks for great the great memories with friends and family.